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VBA(Visual Basic)

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What Is Visual Basic for Applications (VBA)?

VBA , Visual Basis For Application, is a Microsoft event driven, means that you can use it command the computer to initiate an action or a string of actions, that gets generated when you record a macro.

VBA is used to write programs for the Windows operating system and runs as an internal programming language in Microsoft Office applications such as Access, Excel (also known as VBA Excel).

VBA in Excel? Why ?

VBA is used to record macros in Excel. It automates simple & complex tasks.

Often users of Microsoft Excel repeat series of same tasks over & over.These tasks could be as basic as copy-pasting sets of data to different sheets or as complex as uploading data on a website.

With Visual Basic Application/Visual Basic Programming, macros can be programmed to automate tasks.

Data Related Tasks :
These tasks are inclusive of day to day Excel tasks to cleanup and format data.
Workbook Tasks :
These tasks include, listing all sheets, creating a table of contents, hiding specific sheets, opening and closing workbooks, and more.
Pivot Table Tasks :
Pivot Tables are one of the best tools in Excel. They can be time consuming to create, format, update and maintain. Fortunately, we can automate almost every property and action with pivot tables using Microsoft Visual Basic Application.
Userforms & Add-ins :
Userforms are windows that open over Excel with interactive controls. They make our spreadsheets easier for other users to use. The userforms can be created and modified in the VB Editor.
Update data :
VBA in Excel can be used to create and maintain complex trading, pricing, and risk management models, forecast sales and earnings, and to generate financial ratios.

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What is VBA & How VBA Works with Excel? Quick Review of Macros
Introducing the Visual Basic Editor Uses of record Macros
Understanding and creating modules VBA Sub and Function Procedures
How to create a message box Creating And using Variables
Working with range Objects How to save and Protect Modules
If......Then......Else If......Then......ElseIf......If
Working with Do While u. Loop Procedure Do...... Until Loop and Do...... Loop Until
Do......While loop and Do...... Loop While For each...... Next
For......Next Activate From one workbook to another Workbook
Open Workbook from Specific Path Get Workbook Name and Paths
Hide and Unhide for Single and Multiple Workbooks Delete Specific and multiple worksheets
Get Count of Worksheets Select a Specific and all Worksheets
Delete Single and Multiple row, Column and Cells Get Range or Address of Cell and Selection
Navigate from one Cell to another Cell Select specific Range, Cell, Rows and Column
Defining Arrays Create a Sum Functions
Create Multiply Function Create Count Function
Extract Text & Number Proper Function
Vlookup Function Effective Error Handling
Automation Development Reports

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