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Microsoft Excel


What is Advance Excel?

In one job description, advance Excel is defined as Highly Proficient with Microsoft Office and particularly excel (i.e., pivot tables, look ups, advance formulas etc.) In other word it requires an excellent opportunity for immediate jobs.

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet which is use to allocate data with systematic worksheet. In which we easily apply advance formulas, pivot chart, slicer, viewable according to sheets etc.

Description about Advance Excel Topics-:
  • Home Page
    • Describe about Format the Data
    • Conditional Format
    • Filter
    • Sort
  • Insert Page
    • Pivot Table
    • Pivot Chart
    • Slicer
    • Hyperlink
  • Page layout
    • margins
    • format paragraph
  • Formulas
    • Advanced Formulas
    • Define Name
  • Data
    • data Validation
    • Scenario
    • Goal Seek
    • Sum Total
    • Group
  • Review
    • New Comments
    • Freeze Pane
  • View
    • Spelling and grammar mistakes
    • Zoom

Advance Excel Topics is very helpful for everybody who know to operate Advance Excel and makes his career with excellent opportunities for immediate job.

Advance Excel Shortcut KEYS
It is use for dragging the data in cells.
Shift + Home
For selecting till home
Shift + End
For selecting till end
Alt+ Enter
For Down the Data on Cell
For Screenshot

Advance Excel is very useful for improving skills and very useful for a company and for our own industry. So, everyone should have to advance excel course for better Career Opportunities. In future Advance Excel Plays an Important role in everyone’s life for building their future with excellent opportunities for immediate job. With the help of Excel one can easily be do their job in easy manner. With the help of advance excel shortcut keys it makes to create data in a very easy way and get one to be post in good post in a company with good salary.

Uses of Advance Excel

Here are some useful features of Microsoft Word

Use for Creating Data of the Company-
With the help of Microsoft- Excel it becomes easy to create data for the company and industry with advance techniques in it.
Advance Formulas-:
With the help of excel formulas we can easily be able to calculate sum, average, multiplication, numbers etc. from advance excel.
Create many Sheets in one Workbook
In Microsoft Excel we create manty sheets in one Workbook as there are Total rows= 1048576 and sheets are 255 in one workbook

The above are the Advance Excel Topics and some short cut keys which are very helpful for learning excel software, for excellent career opportunities. Advance Excel shortcut keys makes easy to operate advance excel or we can say Microsoft excel.


So, we can say by learning Advance Excel one should have better opportunities for their career. There are lots of benefits as I mentioned above and from that there are also many benefits that you will come to know after completing course of Advance Excel.

There are excellent opportunities for immediate job for one who has completed full course of Advance Excel.

Advance Excel
Absolute Mixed and relative Referencing Sorting and Filtering Data
multiple-level sorting Pivot Chart & table
Consolidating data from multiple sheets and files using Pivot tables Using Advance conditional Formatting (using IF)
Goal Seek Data Tables
Scenario Manager Using conditional expressions (using IF)
Using logical functions (AND, OR, NOT) Data Validations
Text Function Date & Time Function
Statistical Function Financial Function
Power Functions (CountIf, CountIFS, SumIF, SumIfS) Lookup and reference functions (XLOOKUP, VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP, MATCH, INDEX)
Create a Macro Create a Dashboard

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