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Why To Enroll In Our Corel Draw Training Course in Rohini?

raphic designing is an ever-changing field that requires a mix of creativity, technical expertise, and software proficiency. Rohini, a busy locality in Delhi, has several institutes that offer comprehensive graphic designing courses to students. In this article, we'll take a look at the best institute for graphic designing in Rohini and why DSSD is considered among the top institutes in the area.

Fee Structure for Graphic Designing Courses:

Before joining any institute, it is essential to consider the fee structure to make sure it fits your budget. The fee structure for graphic designing courses in Rohini varies depending on the institute, the duration of the course, and the facilities provided. Typically, the course fee ranges from INR 25,000 to INR 75,000. DSSD is one of the most affordable institutes for graphic designing courses in Rohini. The institute offers a range of courses at reasonable prices, with the fee structure ranging from INR 40,000 to INR 60,000, depending on the course duration and level of expertise.


The primary objective of pursuing a graphic designing course is to secure a good job in a reputable organization. DSSD has an excellent track record of placing its students in top-notch companies in the industry. The institute has a dedicated placement cell that works tirelessly to prepare students for job interviews and career opportunities. DSSD's placement cell provides students with a platform to showcase their skills and talents through various industry-based projects and internships. The institute has a vast network of industry professionals who regularly visit the campus for placement drives and guest lectures.

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Exploring the CorelDRAW Screen Getting Assistance
File Management Setting Up the Page
Moving Around and Viewing Drawings Moving Around the Current Page
Viewing Modes Inserting and Deleting Pages
Changing Pages Drawing and Shaping Objects
Drawing and Shaping Tools Using the Freehand Tool
Drawing Lines and Polylines Drawing Freehand Polygons
Drawing Shapes and Polygons Reshaping Lines and Polylines
Drawing Curves Reshaping Curves
Drawing Rectangles Drawing Circles
Arranging Objects Grouping and Ungrouping Objects
Using Guidelines Using Dynamic Guides
Using Snap To Aligning Objects
Choosing Paragraph Options Setting Indents Using the Ruler
Importing Text Using the Spell Checker
The Outline Tool Choosing Outline Thicknesses
Choosing Outline Colors Using Fill Tool, The Text Tool
Creating Artistic Text Editing Text
Formatting Paragraphs Setting Text Options
Creating Paragraph Copying Attributes
Setting Outline and Fill Defaults Inserting Text Symbols
Adding Clipart Modifying Clipart
Using the Scrapbook to Search for Clipart Transforming Objects
Mirroring Objects Mirroring Objects
Using Transform Docker Fitting Text to a Path
Drawing with the Artistic Media Tool Shaping an Object with an Envelope
Extruding an Object Blending Two Objects
Using the Lens Effect Adding Perspectives
Extruding an Object Applying Contours
Applying Drop Shadows

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Graphic Designer

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Web Designer

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Web Designer

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Graphic Designer

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Web Designer

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