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Tableau Course at DSSD Rohini: Empowering You with Data Analytics Skills

Tableau is a Business Intelligence and Analytics Software which gives interactive data visualization views from the product. It is mainly focused on the purpose of Business Intelligence applications. Interactive dashboards can be created by users as per the required customized preference. Different kinds of data sources can be configured to this tool and can be connected. Real-time data can easily be analyzed using this tool.

It is a powerful and fast growing data visualization tool used in Business Analytical Industry. It helps in simplifying raw data in a very easy and understandable format. Tableau helps in creating data that can be understood by professionals at any level in any organization. It also allows non-technical users to create customized dashboards.

Top Uses of Tableau:

1. It fulfills different requirements of the organization : Tableau can fulfillment the needs and requirements of the organizations by analyzing the data in very depth.
2. Data can be understood and analyzed easily : Data from sources can easily be analyzed and understood. The data can be analyzed in different ways by extracting, loading, and transforming.
3. Tableau provides us with greater visual dashboards : Another process of Tableau which performs the process of data analysis by reducing or summarizing the data sets into a non- redundant information. The visual dashboards in Tableau can give different kinds of representations such as Pictorial representations, Pie Charts, Bar Graphs, tabular or Graphical representations.
4. Supports various types of data sources : There are different kinds of data sources such as different types of data like Structured, Unstructured and Semi-Structured Data. The different data sources can be from multiple types of databases like Oracle, MySQL, Virtual databases etc.,
5. Custom Data Reports Generation : The report generation process can be achieved in a customized way by manipulating the data representation as per the customer or client requirement that makes the life of the customer easier and beneficial in conducting their business applications.

DSSD For Tableau

Our Institute, Delhi School For Student Development is your go to institute for Tableau. DSSD, inculcates one of the best and dedicated faculty in order for our students to gain the right amount of knowledge and attention to upgrade their present skills and learn new skills. DSSD, specializes in IT courses and is one of the best Tableau training institute in Delhi. In addition, we also provide our students support in placements, preparations are supported via mock interviews, back-up classes can be arranged for the students in case of absenteeism. Students are provided by 24/7 customer support in order to resolve all of their needs and demands.

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Tableau Introduction Tableau Exploration
Tableau Data Concepts Connecting to Data Sources
Data Sources in Tableau Tableau Workspace
Creating a New View Using Multiple Data Sources

Visulization of data

Charts & Graph Histograms and Whisker Plots
View Bulding View BuldingII
Spatial Charts Creating a Dashboard
Presenting a Story Publishing & Sharing a Workbook

Calculations & Expressions

Using Expressions in Tableau Numeric Expressions & Automatic Calculation
String Expressions

Advanced Tableau

Advanced Tableau Parameters
Groups & Sets Spatial Functions
Geospatial Animating your Visualization
Marketing Dashboard Sales Dashboard

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