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The best MS Office training institute in Rohini.

DSSD is the best computer institute for Microsoft Office at Rohini in Delhi. We try our best to give great quality education to our student with highly trained teacher to build their future. Delhi school of skill development is perhaps the most popular learning platform in Rohini. One of the best teaching methods exists here with great atmosphere. We teach our student with practical and theory sessions which makes student knowledge strong.

With the increasing role of technology in our daily lives, solid computer skill is the basic necessity of career skill in the fact is the valuable life skills.

DSSD is among the leading MS office training institute in Delhi where you can excel in MS Office.

What is MS office?

Microsoft Office is a software which was developed by Microsoft in the year 1988. Microsoft office comprises various applications to help with productivity and completing common tasks on a computer. Microsoft Office helps you to create and edit documents, work with data in spreadsheets, to create presentations and posters.

What is Microsoft word?

Microsoft word or MS Word is a popular word program specially for creation documents, such as letter, brochures, tests, and homework assignments for students. Microsoft word is word processing software that you can use for professional work as well as for personal work. It is one of the best business software to be used worldwide. Microsoft word helps to manage work relating to daily tasks such as document writing, editing and much more.

It was released in year 1983 and it is one of Microsoft office suite’s applications.

Why Microsoft Word is used for?

Here are some useful features of Microsoft Word

  • For Letters and mailing
  • For creation documents and forms
  • For making text document interactive with different features and tools
  • For detecting grammatical errors in a text document
What is Microsoft Excel?

MS Excel is one of the powerful application software provide by the Microsoft. This application software is capable to perform any type of arithmetical calculations and logical operations. MS Excel is totally incomplete without its predefined functions and formulas. This helps in the preparation of financial reports, budgets, balance sheet and all other numeric based.

Uses of Microsoft Excel

Here are some useful features of Microsoft Word

  • For data entry and storage
  • For performing calculations
  • For accounting and budgeting
  • For verification of business data
What is Microsoft Power Point?

The PowerPoint is the application is the application software which provides the electronic presentation of any topic in presentation. We can include graphics, chart ground etc., we can show the presentation font of public by using projector

Microsoft Power Point is a powerful side program specially for presentation. It is a bundle with word, excel and other Microsoft office tools.

Some uses of Power Point

  • For creating presentations from scratch or a template
  • For adding text, images, art and videos in your presentation
  • For adding transitions, and cinematic motion.

Make your career in Microsoft Office as a professional.

In this fast-growing world, the IT field is growing hastily and hence the demand of certified candidates for the appropriate field.

If you desire to learn MS office, want to become an expert in Microsoft Office. Want to enroll yourself in MS Office training then contact DSSD and take your first step ahead towards a brighter future.

Eligibility for learning MS-office
  • There are no particular eligibility criteria for Microsoft office.
  • The learner should know how to use a computer. This course is for anyone who want to learn all about the software.
  • For this course it does not matter if you are a beginner and an expert.
Why DSSD for Microsoft Office course in Delhi.

Our institute train the learners on various aspects of Microsoft office. You will learn about Microsoft office course to build up your computer skills.

Delhi school of skill development is the best institute for Microsoft office in Delhi. Our aim is to meet the teaching needs according to industries to the pupils. DSSD has excelled in the field of providing the best training in terms of support and satisfaction.

It is our aim to create conditions for education that enhance the students’ academic and personal development by uniting high-level academic knowledge with practical education.

DSSD is one of the most probable and best training institute in Delhi.

We teach our student with practical and theory sessions which makes student knowledge strong and help them to get a good job. We focus on innovative and creative ideas, best quality training, best suitable timing of classes, 100% job assistance, opening the doors of avenues. DSSD has high -class infrastructure with best lab facilities. We provide one of the best learning environments.

In spite of plenty of Microsoft office institutes in Delhi it is very important to choose the best institute for enhancing your skills. Our institute provide the best training according to your interest. This course is for all those who want to make their career in Microsoft office.

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Font, Colour, Style and Size selection, Alignment of Text, Autocorrect,
Paragraph Indentation, Bullets and Numbering,
Border and Shading. Formatting document
Header & Footer, Table of Contents,
Working with symbols and special characters, Graphics including word art; Printing Envelopes, Labels, Letters
Enter recipients, Views Button
Protect Document Macro
Creating of Spread Sheet Concept of Cell Address [Row and Column] and selecting a Cell
Entering Data [text, number date] in Cell Using Formulas (Sum, Max, Min, Count, Average, If, Count, Countif),
Basic Conditional Formatting Sorting, Filter
Pivot Chart Manipulating of Data
Working with pivot table Data Validation
Creating a Presentation Using a Template,
Entering and Editing Text, Background, Themes and Styles
Resizing and Scaling an Object. Viewing A Presentation,
Printing Slides and Handouts. Running a Slide Show,
Transition and Slide Timings, Automating a Slide Show.




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