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Are you looking for the best Adobe Illustrator Training institute in Delhi?

Adobe Illustrator is graphic editor and design program to make various designs and art pieces. It is generally used by graphic designers to make various kinds of logos, illustrations , designs and digital art. Adobe Illustrator was originally designed for Apple at first. It was launched in 1985. Adobe Illustrator was defined as best graphic editing program. We can easily download and install as it is an open source. DSSD training institute helps you learn the working and functionality of Illustrator. DSSD Rohini trains you to be expert in each and every field with professional certification and well-justified recognition in IT industry to make your mark.

This course is designed to start you on a path towards future studies in Graphic Design, no matter how little experience or technical knowledge you currently have. DSSD will provide you with how , when , what of Graphic Designing and will provide a detailed explanation of each course.


Adobe Illustrator is a wide array of features and tools for designers. Some of Illustrator’s capabilities include:

1. The ability to draw freehand with a variety of digital brushes, pencils, and pens.
2. Advanced color options for creating color palettes, filling shapes, using gradient color schemes, and mixing different color effects.
3. A “Layers” feature that allows you to split the components of your design across different layers, making it easy to edit one layer without impacting the others.


The most important thing in today's time is standard remuneration for your work. Everyone deserves the right amount of pay cheque in current hustling era in world. Therefore, the average base salary of a web designer in India is around Rs 300000 per annum that includes around Rs 30,000 in bonuses and Rs 20,000 on a profit-sharing basis.


A sidebar that appears at the left of the screen with a variety of tools to select, create, and manipulate objects or artworks in Illustrator. There is a sidebar which appears on the left side of Adobe Illustrator , it has all the tools and features that you need to draw for logos / arts / designs and illustrations. These tools can be selected as following: drawing, typing, painting, reshaping, slicing and cutting, symbolism, moving and zooming, and graph.

Some examples of basic tools in Illustrator are selection tools, paintbrush tools, pen tools, pencil tools e.g. Selection tools are used to the layout, adjust, and organize the artwork by selecting, positioning, and stacking objects accurately.


Delhi School of Skill Development (DSSD) has been in the business of IT from years now and has provided students with numerous courses in each field whether it is Web designing , Web Development, Data analytics , Tally , Advanced Excel etc. Delhi School of Skill Development(DSSD) provides you with the best and updated courses under Web Designing field. Responsive Designs and best user-interfaces designs is what makes DSSD training center different from other institutes in New-Delhi. We also make sure that a student reaches his/her's full potential and make the best use of their skills.

How DSSD is different from other training institutes in Delhi-NCR ?

• Takes regular mock tests
• Dedicated team of professionals
• Well recognized certification by DSSD
• Expert staff / teachers in their respective fields
• Live projects and Assignments for students
• Provides Employment
• After course-guidance throughout the life
• Extra knowledge related to courses
• Proper attention to each individual
• Mock interviews are done to raise students confidence
• Access to computer labs anytime
• Other activities to be provided also

Under this course, you will learn about various tools involved in Adobe illustrator like pen tool, merge tool, scele tool and many other tools that will help you make amazing logos and art related images. Through these logos and designs you will be able to connect more with the people through internet only.This will help to create your brand image and increase your sales. Thus, DSSD is very much trusted brand among other competitions in case of learning Adobe Illustrator.

After completing the course or learning a skill, the most important part which comes to mind is job security and financial stability for life. Everybody possesses to have a job which is in the paying capacity of the organization and provides a standard living to its employees. Thus, Delhi School of Skill Development (DSSD) has placed students in top companies who have made their life successful just by engaging in this course and made their life a successful living and has reached heights also with placements provided by us afterwards.

At the end, we would like to conclude by saying that DSSD is best institute in Rohini nearby you can search for. With more than 4.5 stars on google review we have always been on the top of the charts always .Thus, join dssd and be the best professional in your field with valid certification.

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adobe illustrator
Getting to Know the Work Area Selecting Artwork
Using Shapes to Create Artwork Editing and Combining Shapes
Creating an Illustration Using Color to Enhance Signage
Adding Type to A Poster Organizing Your Artwork with Layers
Gradients, Blends, And Patterns Using Brushes to Create a Poster
Exploring Creative Uses of Effects and Graphic Styles Creating Artwork for A T-Shirt
Using Illustrator Cc with Other Adobe Applications Exporting Assets



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